Personal Injury Law

Personal Injury

Rego Law has extensive experience in Personal Injury (PI) in Bristol, RI. Commonly called “negligence” claims, PI involves claims of physical and/or emotional harm to a person. These claims typically involve motor vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc., but can also be caused by other objects or by another person. These claims usually involve “negligence” or unreasonable conduct on the part of the person or business causing the harm. However, there are some situations under the law where a person or business may be held “strictly liable” for their actions regardless of negligence. Contact us for a free initial phone consultation to have one of our attorneys discuss your personal injury case with you.

More about Personal Injury

Motor vehicle PI claims are claims made by people to recover damages for injuries and loss of property caused by the actions of another driver or owner of the “at-fault” vehicle. Wrongful death claims are claims brought by representatives of the estate of a person who was killed due to the acts of another.

Product Liability

Product liability claims involve injuries to a person, or sometimes to the property of another, caused by the negligence, breach of warranty, and/or strict liability of the party claimed against. Typical examples might be claims against the manufacturer of an automobile or medical device for injuries caused by poor design, defects in manufacturing, or a failure to warn of potential defects.

While the claim may be against a person or company, there may be insurance coverage available to pay for at least a portion of the total damages claimed.

Experienced PI Attorney

An experienced PI attorney looks at two items in each case to determine whether it would be financially worthwhile to make a personal injury or wrongful death claim. First, the attorney looks at “liability” or who is “at fault.” If it can be determined from the facts and evidence available that the other party is more “at fault” than the party making the claim, then the liability issue is favorable to the party who would like to make a PI claim. However, this is not enough by itself. There is one more issue an experienced PI attorney must review.

An experienced PI attorney looks at the amount of “damages” or what harm was caused by the party “at fault” to determine whether it would be worthwhile to make a PI claim. “Damages” include the injuries and resulting losses such as “pain and suffering,” “inconvenience,” “impact on a marital relationship,” “medical and/or funeral expenses,” “wage loss,” and future losses which can be reasonably determined and are not purely speculative.